Is this for me?

Self-assessment for candidates

How many times did you respond with yes?

πŸ”² Do you have the urge to improve things in life? One step at a time?
πŸ”² Are you a combination of a team player and lone performer?
πŸ”² Are you interested in a broad variety of topics?
πŸ”² Are you passionate about new forms of collaboration?
πŸ”² Do you feel comfortable in teams where multiple viewpoints are present?
πŸ”² Are you attracted to uncertainty? Interested in discovering unknown unknowns?
πŸ”² Do you have a "start-up spirit" in you?
πŸ”² Do you like working with language?
πŸ”² Do you like ongoing learning by doing?
πŸ”² Are you ready, willing, and able to include your own experience in the training process and shape the future of the BrainStore network?
πŸ”² Do the BrainStore purpose and Code of Conduct resonate well with you?