Cycle Board Tool

The cycle board is the ideal tool to visualize workflow

The Cycle Board

The Cycle Board is BrainStore's form of applying the Kanban technique to team work.

The goals

  • Increase transparency
  • Reduce work in process
  • Reduce time spent in meetings, discussing things

The rules (very simple)

  • Anyone can place items in the pipeline at any given time
  • Only the facilitator can move items from the pipeline to the open
  • Anyone can pull items from the "open" and start doing them
  • When an item is done you place it in the done

The facilitator

The origin of the term facilitator is Latin (facile) and means easy. Ideally, the team selects a facilitator. The facilitator should only pull items if the cycle board is running smoothly.

The facilitator makes things easier by

  • Talking to the team
  • Deciding with the team what to place in the open and thus supporting the team to set priorities
  • Supporting team members to place items in the pipeline and to pull from the open
  • Making sure that there is not too much in the doing

The facilitator can step down at any time - ideally after places all items in the open back in the pipeline before stepping down. The team then selects a new facilitator. So be nice to the facilitator :-)


  • Items can also be pulled by more than one person.
  • Simply edit the item in the doing and add additional names
  • Online: You can change the interval of your notifications


German version
English version

Features of the Online Version